How sea-change Helps Practices…And When You Should Ask

Why would anyone hire us to recruit if they think they can do it on their own?

That’s my favorite question.  The short answer: “If you think you can achieve the desired outcome alone, by all means, you should do it yourself.”

On the other hand, if you’ve attempted recruiting on your own and it’s taking too long, or if Dr. IDEAL eludes you, call us.  Moreover, if you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to run your own recruiting effort, reach out.

My initial consult is complimentary, and I perform them all personally.

sea-change: Four Options:

A: Retained search: you outsource your recruiting effort to us for a fee, typically paid over the course of the project

B: Contingent search w/expenses: you pay a slightly higher fee when you hire someone plus you pay your marketing and other expenses up front.

C: Contingent search: you pay our fee and reimburse our expenses at the time you hire someone.  (The fee in this category is the highest because we incur all expenses up front.)

D: Coaching: you outsource a little or a lot of the work to us, and we coach you and your staff on those steps they haven’t the time or tools to do.  Our fees are based on the scope of work.