Meet Our Successes

It’s rare to find a financial wizard with great people skills. Harvey’s one in a million. His easy-going manner engages the spectrum of ophthalmic talent, from the nation’s leading surgical practitioners to new graduates who are just learning the ropes. As an independent consultant, Harvey manages multiple practices…all lead their respective markets in North Carolina, or are executing his plan to get there.

Under Ben’s hand, the practice expanded to seven offices with more than 70 employees.   Early in his career, Ben worked for Diane as a recruiter.  sea-change introduced Ben to the ophthalmic industry. Relationships matter.  As CEO, when Ben needed strong talent to grow the business, he called his former mentor for help.

Bill was born in the shadow of a surgical legend…his father Bob. Bill learned the business at Dad’s side …emerging as a market leader in his own right.  Bill added sub specialties and locations, only to find himself run ragged supporting their new offices.  Dad reached out to Diane, who helped hire the associates Bill needed to sustain growth on the way to a practice with five thriving offices.

“Hi…I’m Richard.” That’s how Richard introduces himself. You’ll find him fervently engaged at community revitalization meetings. He’s the guy in jeans with a quick smile who’s passionate about bringing quality eye care to this underserved neighborhood. His great-grandfather landed in this very spot in the 1880’s… now Richard honors his family’s legacy having built and run a thriving cataract, Lasik and optometric practice. As an entrepreneur and businessman, Richard believes in delivering first class care by hiring “great people with great talent.

Talk about dreams coming true. Diane knew this position was a perfect fit for Scott, and Scott for the position. She knew where the practice was heading strategically. She also knew Scott’s profile. He matched their values, the environment, the style and the skills they needed. She categorizes Scott as a “Gentle Captain.” And, as it turned out, he was the ideal fit to make everyone’s dreams come true.