Richard Fichman

Richard Fichman
Richard Fichman Fichman Eye Center - Manchester, CT
Most of the recruiters I’ve dealt with want you to hire a candidate. Diane is completely different. She’s passionate about finding the right candidate. She spent countless hours learning about me, my practice, the area…that’s why she’s unbelievably successful at finding candidates that match.

“Hi…I’m Richard.” That’s how Richard introduces himself. You’ll find him fervently engaged at community revitalization meetings. He’s the guy in jeans with a quick smile who’s passionate about bringing quality eye care to this underserved neighborhood. His great-grandfather landed in this very spot in the 1880’s… now Richard honors his family’s legacy having built and run a thriving cataract, Lasik and optometric practice. As an entrepreneur and businessman, Richard believes in delivering first class care by hiring “great people with great talent”.

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