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Diane McCabe explains what ophthalmic practice owners should know about recruiting…

Why use a Recruiter (Why not do it on your own)?

Ophthalmic recruiting has gotten difficult and complicated.  Jobs outnumber qualified candidates.  Practices often settle for the “Best Available Candidate” instead the IDEAL Candidate.  Many practices struggle with the time they spend searching, comparing and interviewing only to discover they’ve hired a mismatch.

sea-change guides the nation’s leading Ophthalmic practices by finding IDEAL candidates faster than they could on their own.  The keys to world-class ophthalmic recruiting are EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY.

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Leadership has been defined as crystallizing your business vision and executing rock-solid processes to implement that vision.  As the Chief Executive, your vision should propel recruiting excellence.

Your mindset ordains your hiring results.  For example, many executives embrace the premise that it’s perfectly acceptable (even normal) to establish hiring standards at the level of the “Best Available Candidate”.  Most fall prey to this thinking without giving it much thought.

Imagine the upside if you mandated standards that dictated your staff could only interview and select from a short list of IDEAL Candidates.  The difference is huge.  The “Best Available” bar might rest lower than any standard.  What if the “Best Available” at the moment is a poor fit for your office environment?  What if your “Best Available” candidate is a bad match to your business model?

“Best Available” candidates only succeed when three conditions align: A) you defined the correct candidate criteria; B) your assessment accurately assessed ALL the criteria and C) SOMEONE in the pool matched ALL your criteria).  That approach foolishly ties success to serendipity.  (Who wants to rely on luck for such an important decision?)

Hiring to the standard of “Best Available” is simple and lazy.  Hiring to the standard of “IDEAL” talent is never easy, but you can make it simple.  It takes work.  The initial step of the transformation begins in the CEO’s office with his or her vision.  Great recruiting follows a steadfast mindset.

How does sea-change work with practices like mine?

We’ve developed four ways of working with practices… by offering you help from a lot to a little.

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A: Retained search: you outsource your recruiting effort to us for a fee, typically paid over the course of the project.

B: Contingent search w/expenses: you pay a slightly higher fee when you hire someone plus you pay your marketing and other expenses up front.

C: Contingent search: you pay our fee and reimburse our expenses at the time you hire someone.

D: Coaching: you outsource a little or a lot of the work to us, and we coach you and your staff on those steps they haven’t the time or tools to do.  Our fees are based on the scope of work.