Practice Management Recruiting Challenges

The Ten Biggest Mistakes When Recruiting a Physician

    1. Being perceived as too aggressive or not aggressive enough.
    2. Not knowing how competition in your market can affect your ability to attract good talent.
    3. Not knowing how your training, knowledge and experience can help or hurt you  during (or after) the recruiting process.
    4. Will your attrition rate cost you a salary premium?
    5. How will the pool of available talent affect your negotiations (positively or negatively?)
    6. Not knowing how physician to population ratios will affect a recruit’s lifestyle and subsequent career choice…. to your advantage or detriment.
    7. Not knowing how your professional association membership can help or hurt your recruiting success.
    8. Being uncomfortable “selling” the merits of your practice, and how it can cost you that star recruit.  (Knowing what to say, when to say it and when not to).
    9. Not knowing how to avoid the six hidden deal killers:
      • test
      • The spouse
      • The environment (climate, population, social, cultural, etc.)
      • Transition problems
      • Personality mismatches
      • Money and its distribution
      • The spouse and money discussions
    10. Not following a systematic approach to recruiting (a system).