10 Recruiting Best Practices

Best Practices to Find IDEAL candidates

  1. Conduct a thorough profile of your practice and its uniqueness.
  2. Engage a third party to help assess your style and your practice model.  You (and your staff) may lack the perspective to do this objectively.
  3. Document the candidate characteristics that determine IDEAL.
  4. Describe the PERSON, not the POSITION in your marketing efforts.
  5. Ensure your recruiting process covers the correct steps in the correct sequence.

Best Practices to accelerate your recruiting effort

  1. Identify, contact, engage and attract confidential candidates (those who will not post their CV online) by making plenty of approach calls.
  2. Give your staff access to experts with selling prowess (the art and science of persuasion).
  3. Learn (or outsource) marketing techniques to attract candidates that fit your model.
  4. Use marketing messages to filter out candidates that DON’T fit.
  5. Deal with potential deal killers up front to avoid last minute snags.